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My co-blogger Nicole has tagged me and our other co-blogger Matt to join the meme going around the blawgosphere to post five of our favorite non-legal blogs and then tag 5 more blawgers. Trouble is that, as I’m sort of new to the land of legal blogs (I’ve been blogging for years, but not on legal subjects), Nicole and Matt are a large percentage of the few blawgers I feel I know well enough to “tag” … I bet there’s a rule against “tag backs”.  Therefore, I hope that the others will keep the chain going; I’m afraid one of the trails stops here.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t join in the meme.  So here are five of my favorite non-legal blogs for your edification and enjoyment:

  • Recently, I’ve been finding myself stopping and reading the thoughtful posts that Chris Brogan does on his blog on Community and Social Media. Take this one with 50 ideas on using Twitter in business.  Nicole got me started and I’m quite new to Twitter (you can follow me if you haven’t got anything better to do…) and was still in the “I don’t get it phase” when I read this and it started giving me some ideas.
  • My day job is in legal publishing with a firm footing in print, but I am interested in where the book and publishing are heading. One of the blogs I try to follow  that has consistently given me much to think about is if:book, which describes itself at “the public mind space of the Institute for the Future of the Book, a New York-based think tank dedicated to inventing new forms of discourse for the network age.” The Institute builds open source software and leads publishing experiments with authors, academics, artists and programmers in the concept of networked books and other forays into the future of publishing.
  • Combining a warped sense of humour (he’s a Brit) and a lot of business sense, Hugh MacLeod’s Gaping Void combines his drawings on the backs of business cards with observations on business, blogging and new media, marketing, and creating a life and work. He does like to talk about sex (both on and off the cards), so watch out as some are NSFW.
  • When I just want to plot a wild course through the crazy diversity that is the Internet, or just to find some silly sh*t to check out, I turn to Boing Boing.  There’s also some gadgetry and even some politics and other more serious fare.
  • I can’t wait to check out Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World cartoon in the City Newspaper each Wednesday, and can get more of him and his merry band of helpers in the This Modern World blog.

Interestingly enough, I hadn’t really thought about which blogs are my “favorites” for awhile, but these are some of the ones I’ve consistently turned to.  But this journey is one of discovery.  It is likely that if you were to ask me next month, I might give you five different choices.

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BigLaw Just Doesn’t Get Technology

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Yep.  That’s right.  I said it.  In fact, you can quote me on that.

Wait a minute! Don’t bother. It seems that I was already quoted saying that very thing here (sub. required) or here at the ABA Journal Blog, which offers a summary of the article:

Nicole Black, an attorney in Rochester, N.Y., who writes about law and technology, told the publication that more law firms should follow the lead of Curtis Mallet-Prevost. “BigLaw just doesn’t get it,” she said. “They don’t understand Generation Y, and they don’t embrace technology.”

–Nicole Black

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