Fellow lawyers, tweet this!

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Niki, Are you actually encouraging lawyers to market (note: tongue is in cheek).

You are one of the few lawyers’ whose videos I look forward to.

On the flip side,don’t necessarily get TOO comfortable Tweeting as this can be the slippery slope into undoing all the good if the nature and quality of your tweets start to devolve.

While you are connecting with other lawyers, they are also assessing you. If you are on Twitter all the time it begs the question “do you ever work?” If you are too sarcastic, doesn’t necessarily translate well in words for those who don’t know you other than from Twitter.

Also, consider the picture you post.

It is all part and parcel of managing your online reputation.

But by all means, Twitter is a place to have fun, too. I know I do.

Just wanted to add to the mix.:-)

Agreed. You do need to be aware of the image that you’re projecting when using social media. That being said, I see nothing wrong with posting/tweeting about things other than topics related to your profession.

Social media is a new concept as is the idea of one’s “online persona.” One of the keys to creating an online persona that is memorable is to allow your personality to show through-to share that which makes you unique from all of the other people in your field.

So, your hobbies, sense of humor, day to day activities (to the extent that you don’t create a mundane online diary;) ) are things that you should share, IMO. These are the things that are interesting and memorable.

Also, IMO, lawyers are no different than any other profession. We’re human and the job that we perform is simply that: a job. We are not above the rest of the careers out there.

IMO, and I know some of my esteemed colleagues will respectfully (and I emphasize that!) disagree, we need to network and connect with others in order to compete in the legal marketplace.

And, networking is simply another form of marketing. We network at bar events, seminars, on the golf course, etc for a number of reasons: to get our names out there, to ensure that our colleagues are thinking of us when a case in our practice area is referred to them and to expand our professional reach.

Social media and Twitter are just one way of doing that. We all do it in our own way and one method is not necessarily the best way, to the exclusion of all others.

Like doctors, a lawyer is someone with who you share sometimes intimate details of your life. I need to trust that person. The closer I feel to you as a person, the better I’ll feel about that. You could be a dynamo at the technical aspects, but it’s your passion that’s going to win when things are on the line. BUT. I’m not going to feel so comfortable if you’re always bitchin’ about your caseload, your clients, the court system. Double-edged sword.

Great point, Lilyhill. I agree 100%. You absolutely must ensure that the image that you project online fits in with the goals that you’ve established.

So, if your goal as an atty is to get new clients, complaining about your job does nothing to further that goal, and in fact, detracts from it.

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