Why in the world should lawyers be concerned with social media?

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Because, it’s the wave of the future, that’s why.  Those who “get it” will have a distinct advantage over those who refuse to acknowledge its existence.  

Of course, my assertion begs the question:  what is social media?  Via LawyerKM :: Knowledge Management & Technology for Lawyers and Law Firms and Real Lawyers Have Blogs, I learned of this new video from Common Craft that simplifies social media and describes it in a nutshell:


Social media and Web 2.0 are the future of collaboration and communication in every field, including the legal profession.  The combined creativity and ingenuity of the those with similar interests results in innovative, ground-breaking changes, while a resistant, stubborn mindset leads to nothing but stagnation.

The way that things are getting done is changing, and at a rapid pace.  Keep up with it, and you’ll benefit enormously.  Ignore it and you’ll pay the price.

And, as an aside, an interesting analysis of the future of social media as an revenue-generating platform can be found here at ReadWriteWeb.

Nicole Black

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Great observations in this post. It’s hard to overstate the importance of social media, and the notion that one should participate in the community that he or she wishes to serve. And notions of transparency and authenticity are essential as well. Though it’s problematic at times for lawyers to be transparent (what with confidentiality and norms about not talking about client business) there are many essential elements and effects of social media that can help not only to the attorney’s career but the public perception of lawyers in general.


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